His garden where daisies grow

Серия стихов: Тикают часы

I saw his garden where daisies grow.
He lost me behind that wicket,
Just feelin' that flowers are stale and raw...
I got my fatous ticket.

I saw his bushes of roses inside
That garden, so full of hopes, and
I was about to choose to invite
M'passion to be like constant...

The garden is nice but strange to admire:
The dahlias look like devils.
He used to extinguish the hottest fire
But still in m'soul it glares.

Peonies grow but under the ground
Many dead bodies lie.
What can I do? I hear awful sound...
Silly of me. But I cry...

Screamin' and scared I sit on the grass but
Happens just nothing at all.
Oh! How I wanna somebody pass by.
All of them savor my soul.

Fatal... Existance is really fatal.
With or without him...
This is the end. The grinding of metal
Makes me create m'last scream...

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