Серия стихов: Irska Kava

My inspiration excluded my love.
Happiness was just a part of m'dream.
Now I feel only shuttering stuff,
Called intuition's inedible stream...
All that remained is m'hate and m'pain
And in my throat is a vile bitter taste.
Why can't this happiness longer remain?
Wanna forget and cross out all my past.
Flash of illusions has rescued m'life...
Or it was tiny amount of friends?..
Do not remember who's taken my knife.
Everything threatening somehow ends...
Now I'm better, not feelin' alone,
Capturing smiles from people between.
See, their hearts are not like a stone!
You always thought this means only sin.
Somebody helped me to turn on the light.
Somebody managed to knock till he's heard...
One thing diffused the eternal, cold night:
It was the warm, reassuring word...

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«Не ходи к нему навстречу, не ходи, у него гранитный камушек в груди» ...

2013-05-10 10:06 - Чик-чирик
Это, чтоб мы сохли над словарями? Очень понравилось!