Баба-Яга и Едрическая Сила Информационных Технологий

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Баба-Яга и Едрическая Сила Информационных Технологий

The Non-Club Lady with her loyal broomstick,
Who took night rides in Everlasting Sky,
Approved of speed, as quite a moral booster,
And had a neighbour – such a LIVELY guy.

The guy was drafting age and full of impulse,
Ah! Broomstick-riding was beyond his wits.
But, willing to surprise that QUEENLY Whimstress*,
He mastered it by mettle, starts and fits.

His KNIGHTLY act was to report the weather –
When she produced her broomstick from the case.
And when the both started, Hell-for-Leather,
He was extremely tight in his embrace.

The NEIGHBOURLY disfavour had its season
And gave the story its breath-taking zoom…
But no Dummy can compel a Dizzard,
And no Dizzard trusts in gloom and Doom.

The two evolved to ’Distantly Aware’
(It’s called I.T. in up-to-date disguise),
And could convey a FRIENDLY touch through air,
And could convey a LOVELY view, life-size.

The skill comes natural …away from WORLDLY hustle,
And clicks for Angels and the hearts in Love –
The ones predestined to the broomstick rustle
From Legends’ spells, as HEAVENLY as dusty,
When you do not expect it from above.

* Whimstress is a Mistress with a lot of whims.

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