The Daily Routine of the Hooligan Legend

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The Daily Routine of the Hooligan Legend

Between romantic and pragmatic –
Surviving in this toxic world,
The Loch Ness Monster looks dramatic,
Despite its being very old…

At twilight it becomes nostalgic
Of lovely pre-historic times,
When it could travel, by some magic,
Through time and space – for minor crimes…

Today such raids are problematic
Because of busy upper space…
Which makes one gloomy and dogmatic –
Indignant with the human race.

Half-diplomatic, half-sarcastic,
It waits for tourists to come:
When they arrive, enthusiastic,
– It snatches them with «Fee-Faw-Fum!..»

At any rate it’s patriotic
To its antique non-charted den,
Just fumbling, loyal to neurotic,
For hoards of sparklers now and then…

Besides, it does its basic mission:
To spice the legends of the Past.
And cherishes an old ambition:
To quit the public life.
At last.

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