Красная Шапочка и Французские пейзажи

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Красная Шапочка и Французские пейзажи

Her profile, both fam-OUS and notori-OUS,
Gets your attention – with her Riding Hood.
The gossip placed her: frivol-OUS to Quandarrry
(Solicited by wolves of Neighbourhood).

The Hood was Riding, Red and ranked first scandal-OUS,
It gave the decor-OUS ones a nerv-OUS twitch;
Although none was taken by the Ambulance,
It started up the reprobation Itch…

She whooped it up: by lounging in danger-OUS
Dark places, rather frequented by wolves.
Her Angel got new options for Adventur-OUS*,
She got some interest for old-time edge-tools.

Henceforward, guys: The things are getting hazard-OUS –
She starts her Fencing Club for fencing skills.
And, parallel to fitful common prejudice,
It gives her daily charm and extra thrills.

The moral is: Your problems may come numer-OUS
And you will never solve them at a stretch;
But take a break. Think positive. Act humor-OUS.
And wear something Riding, Red and French…

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